RegimA – Ultimate 15% Alpha Lipoic Serum

RegimA – Ultimate 15% Alpha Lipoic Serum
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Concentrated alpha lipoic serum for skin rejuvenation. To be used in conjunction with appropriate RĂ©gimA day and night products.Highly potent serum to be used approximately 2 to 3 times weekly. Plumps out wrinkles. If applied to the lips gives a burning sensation but causes immediate plumping of lips.Alpha Lipoic is known as the 'universal antioxidant', providing power and protection against damaging free radicals responsible for premature skin ageing.Recommended mainly for more mature skins, this serum has several functions, namely to help visibly plump out wrinkles, help normalize uneven skin colour, due to the added benefit of liquorice extract, improve texture, rendering the skin visibly smoother with a more elastisized youthful look.