RegimA – Exfoliating Natural Enzyme Masque

RegimA – Exfoliating Natural Enzyme Masque
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A cooling masque with natural exfoliating papaya and natural antiseptic effects of tea tree leaves promotes toning, calming, decongesting, smoothing of acne, problem, dull, dingy lifeless skins. For face and neck.Papaya, known as the 'natural scalpel', plus an amino acid complex containing protein, minerals, Vitamins A, B & C is rich in papain, a proteinase enzyme. This most active natural amino acid complex exfoliates naturally removing dead skin without affecting healthy tissue.Polypeptides in a liposomic complex help regulate sebaceous secretion, having a natural astringent effect, calming, decongesting, producing a visibly clearer and firmer looking skin. Skin is noticeably smoother and fresher.All skins benefit particularly problem, acne, dull, dingy, congested, lifeless, aged or sun damaged.