RegimA – Youth Day Lotion

RegimA – Youth Day Lotion
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Anti problem skin, reduces inflammation, helps relieve irritated young skins. Non-greasy, deeply hydrating without residual oily feel, healing, repairing, soothing, calming, softening, smoothing. Essential sun protecting.

85% of young people develop problem skins and so much can be prevented by a good skin care routine from an early age. RégimA focuses on prevention and helps create a 'zit free zone'.

Daily moisturization is essential, irrespective of how oily or problematic a skin may be. The correct natural ingredients help normalize oily and dry patches, as well as calm and soothe irritated and inflamed skins. Plants known for their anti-problem skin properties work constantly on the skin revitalizing and balancing whilst helping prevent the harsh damaging effects of the sun.

This light, non-greasy, replenishing formula penetrates deeply, leaving the skin velvety soft and smooth with an army of actives protecting and replenishing all day long.

Follow with RégimA Face-It plant based Foundation to help prevent blocking of pores and give a perfect finish.