RegimA – Youth Nightly Gel

RegimA – Youth Nightly Gel
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Anti-problem skin, astringent, calming, plants with antiseptic action, soothing pain in tender, inflamed skins. Natural exfoliator, pore tightening yet in a moisturizing cooling gel.

85% of young people develop problem skins and so much can be prevented by a good skin care routine from an early age. RégimA focuses on prevention and helps create a 'zit free zone'.

Harsh exfoliants such as face scrubs can cause reddening and unnecessary peeling of the skin and may cause long-term damage so these should be avoided.

Bearberry, containing arbutin, is the main active within the Night Gel because of the skin brightening properties, helping prevent and protect against pigmentation, which may occur in teenage skins. Bearberry is soothing and is particularly beneficial to sensitive skins and has calming, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties helping to combat skin flora which are responsible for infections associated with problem skins.

Night is the main time for the skin to replenish and recover from the harsh environment and activities of the day. One also requires gentle exfoliation so RégimA chooses the natural action of the exfoliating enzyme papaya which helps dissolve dead skin without affecting living tissue. It contains Vits A, B, C, D, E, G, K and essential minerals. This natural exfoliant ensures rapid but gentle removal of the outer dead skin, helping clear the pores and smooth out the skin without any trauma. This is essential for a clear complexion and works whilst you sleep.